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Tubeaxial Fans are integrated axial flow air moving devices in which the motor rotor is cast inside the impeller to achieve the smallest possible axial dimension. Higher aerodynamic performance and efficiencies can be achieved with these true airfoil blade designs. These fans typically operate near free delivery, but can achieve static pressures above those of Propeller Fans due to high speed operations. The Tubeaxial Fan is suitable for operation in severe environmental conditions in air, ground, and shipboard applications. They come in a variety of AC voltages and frequencies, as well as DC voltages. Hook up options include: lead wires, terminal blocks, or MS connectors.

All Tubeaxial Fans are finely balanced to meet the requirements of MIL-B-23071. All units are available with an optional internal Fan Performance Sensor (FPS) and an external Low Speed Warning Device (LSWD). Some units are available with an internal Low Speed Warning Device (LSWD).
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