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For over 60 years Rotron has maintained its position as an industry leader in providing AC and brushless DC blowers, meeting the most stringent performance and environmental specifications such as shock, vibration, humidity, temperature extremes, salt spray, moisture and EMI, for military and aerospace applications. In situations where an existing design will not meet the customer's requirement, we will work with our customer to determine the specific requirements and evaluate the feasibility of offering a customized solution to satisfy the customer's need.
  • Centrifugal Blowers

    Rotron Centrifugal Blowers are compact, sturdy, and relatively light in weight. They are designed for a long, maintenance-free life. Most models are available for either clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, and in either simplex or duplex types.

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  • Centraxial Blowers

    Rotron Centraxial Blowers have an impeller that, unlike the Centrifugal Blower, achieves a substantial portion of conversion of velocity energy to pressure energy within the impeller itself. This impeller is much less dependent upon a scroll or housing and may therefore be operated without a scroll or housing with a relatively small loss of in performance and efficiency. The impeller function is similar to a turbine impeller.

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  • Radial Blade Blowers

    Rotron Radial Blowers are unusually small and compact in design. They are available in CW or CCW, and in either simplex or duplex models. Duplex Blowers simplify ductwork and allow for greater volume performance in tight locations. Models are available for AC or DC power.

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  • Inverted Blowers

    Rotron Inverted blowers are compact, sturdy, light weight and designed for a long, maintenance-free life. Inverted blowers have their driving motor located inside the squirrel cage wheel. This results in exceptional compactness and excellent motor cooling.

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  • Multistage Blowers

    Rotron Multistage Blowers are unusually compact and light in comparison to conventional multistage turbines. These blowers operate quietly and efficiently and contain no sliding or reciprocating parts. They can be provided as motor or belt driven blowers.

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