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Test Capabilities
For over 60 years Rotron has maintained its position as an industry leader in providing custom solutions meeting the most stringent performance and environmental specifications such as shock, vibration, humidity, temperature extremes, salt spray, moisture and EMI, for military and aerospace applications.

Rotron’s Product Engineering department consists of a dedicated staff of engineers with expertise in Aerodynamics, Electro-Mechanical and Electronic Drive design. When required, our Product Engineers will provide custom solutions by modifying existing products or developing new product designs, utilizing state of the art technology and over 60 years experience in the industry.

Designed to meet specific specifications for military and aerospace applications:
  • Airflow
  • Environmental
  • Acoustic Measurement
  • EMI
  • Full Prototype Capability

  • Airflow +

    Two Airflow Test Chambers
    High Limits

    • Up to 50" water gauge pressure
    • 3,000 CFM maximum air flow

    Control electrical input

    • Voltage
    • Capacitance
    • Phase

    Testing capabilities
    • Current consumption
    • RPM
    • Internal stator temperature
    • Pressure
    • Air flow

    Air Moving Control Association - (AMCA) STD 210
    Low Pressure: 5 psig @ 3600 CFM
    High Pressure: 50 psig @ 500 CFM
    Low Flow/High Temp: 130 CFM @ 1350ºF
    High Flow/High Temp: 4000 CFM @ 200ºF
  • Fluid Flow +

    Fluid Types:
    • Engine Lubricant Oil
    • Hydraulic Oil
    • PAO Dielectric Coolant
    • JP-8 Fuel

    Fluid Rates:
    • MIL-L-23699: 8 to 40 GPM @ 375ºF
    • MIL-H-83282: 20 GPM @ 350ºF
    • MIL-C-70274: 12 GPM @ -50ºF to 200ºF
    • MIL-T-83133A: 135 GPM @ 250ºF

    Heat Transfer:
    • Air - Liquid side (BTUH)
    • Air - Liquid side (PSID)
  • Life Test +

    Products able to survive for long periods of time in elevated temperatures
    Results are mathematically analyzed and plotted on a Weibull distribution curve
    Life test can be expressed in either MTBF or L-10
    Typically samples of 3-10 units per product
    Measured at 3 temperatures: 50°, 72°, and 100° C
  • Vibration (MIL-STD-810) +

    Ling Electronics B340 Shaker, water and oil cooled, with amplifiers.
    Electrodynamic shaker with slip table
    2” displacement
    Random and sinusoidal vibration
    Sine: 30,000 lbf.
    Max. Random: 23,500 lbf. Max.
    Frequency: 4-2000 Hz
  • Shock (MIL-STD-202) +

    100G’s @ 11mSec pulse width maximum with half sine, sawtooth or trapezoidal profile
    MIL-STD-202 Method 213 typical (2000 G’s)
    Thermal Shock: -60°C to 150°C, 1.5 ft3
  • Salt Spray (RTCA D0160) +

    Per. MIL-STD-810 & RTCA DO160 95°F/35°C
    Various salt solution percentages
  • Containment +

    Fan blade separation to FAR 29.1461
    Fan diameters of 10 inches
    Tests whether fan case will contain prop upon disconnect
    Fan propeller is cut/scored
    Fan is accelerated past normal operating speeds
    Vacuum created in test chamber
  • Thermal Cycling Chambers - 3 Units +

    Tests units ability to operate during extreme temperature changes
    Temperature: -60ºF to 400°F, Envelop: 38”x39”x42”
    Temperature: 400ºF, Max, Envelop: 38”x39”x36”
    Temperature: 500ºF, Max, Envelop: 25”x20”x20”
    Chamber provides HEAT, HUMIDITY, and REFRIGERATION
    Used for production purposes (more units tested simultaneously)
  • Humidity / Thermal Cycle +

    15% - 100% Humidity
    Temperature range of 0°C to 100°C
    Tests units ability to operate during extreme temperature changes
  • Altitude / Temperature +

    Simultaneous altitude/temperature test
    Altitudes range from sea-level to 60,000 ft
    Temperatures range from 0 to +100° C
    Maximum pull down rate of 10° C per minute
  • Acoustic Measurement Lab +

    ANSI S12.11-1987 qualified reverberation room
  • Measurement Capabilities +

    Full octave or 1/3 octave bands
    Sound power level
    Sound pressure (typically 3 feet from source)
    Fast Fourier Transform

    Test to ISO-3741 sound power comparison method
    Results mathematically combined to provide single figure for comparison (dBA)
    Contact Applications Engineers for dBA levels of any fan
  • EMI Testing Facility +

    Mil-Sty-461 / RTCA DO-160 Specifications
    On site EMI testing for conducted and radiated emissions
    Wide range of testing

    • Conducted/radiated emissions
    • Extreme range of frequencies
    • Test chamber equipped with copper shielding to eliminate external interference

    We also maintain necessary current probes, antenna's & LISN's to provide testing to Military standard Mil-STD-461 & Commercial Aircraft standard DO160
  • Prototype Testing +

    Equipped for wide range of testing within the group

    • Electrical
    • Mechanical 

    Final testing for Prototype units
    Coordinate with other testing groups to perform other testing needs