Rotron is ISO9001 and AS 9100 certified. It is committed to the design and manufacture of fans, blowers, subassemblies and thermal management systems that provide unparalleled performance under the most-demanding operating conditions. In 1961, it created and released MIL-B-23071, the U.S. military standard for AC fans and blowers, that is still used today.

Rotron’s Quality Policy:

AMETEK Rotron is committed to providing its customers with products and service that meet or exceed their expectations. It strives to be a leader in the field by providing cost-effective customer solutions and delivering quality products on time.

Rotron partners with customers and suppliers, continually improves its internal operations and maintains a management system that supports this mission.

  • Rotron products are designed to meet:
    • MIL-B-23071
    • MIL-B-28873
    • MIL-STD-810
    • MIL-STD-461
    • RTCA/DO-160
    • EG-13, DEF-STAN
    • FAR 21.303, FAR 145.45, JAR 145
    • Mil-I, Mil-Q, as required
    • AS 9100
    • Numerous other customer specific standards such as ASQR-01 [UTC]

Certifications available for download:

Rotron - Woodstock:
Download AS9100/ISO9001 Certificate
Download Air Agency Certificate
Download EASA Certificate

Rotron - El Cajon:
Download AS9100/ISO9001 Certificate