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Blower Assemblies

When an application requires the high performance and pressure capabilities of a blower, Rotron can design a blower with a custom configuration to meet those specific requirements. In our custom blower assemblies, custom sheet metal is paired with a motor and impeller, creating a purpose-build blower. Blowers can also be designed for filtration and particle separation needs.

Rotron offers a combination of AC and brushless DC blowers with custom mounting options that have been tested to standards such as MIL-STD-810 and DO160. Rotron’s aerospace grade blowers are used in a variety of applications, including CBRN, NBC, and ventilation for ruggedized enclosures on military vehicles that operate in harsh environments and require high levels of environmental control.

Please go to our product page to select any other fans or blowers that may suit your needs. Our product page also lists information on thermal management systems, including applications for spot cooling assemblies, heating, heat exchangers, rack mount electronics cooling, shipboard & industrial cooling, liquid cooling systems, and vapor cycle systems.

Please click the linked text below to download product literature related to this product. If there are any questions related to our field proven products, such as which applications these units are used for, please do not hesitate to go to our contact us page and lookup your local sales representative for quick turn assistance. Many of our products can also be purchased in our online store which can be visited here.


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