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Vapor Cycle Systems

Rotron’s Active Systems utilize vapor cycle refrigeration technology to actively cool equipment, personnel, or systems below ambient temperature. Vapor cycle systems maximize cooling performance, while minimizing the space envelope.

In an Environmental Control System, heating or cooling is provided to maintain a specific temperature or range. This type of vapor cycle system utilizes sensors to obtain feedback on the environment, and controls system functions for efficient and precise temperature control.

Vapor cycle systems can also be integrated with liquid cooling systems for heat rejection in challenging envelopes. This allows for flexibility in where components are placed within the customer’s assembly, and the ability to manage more than one unique heat load.

Please go to our product page to select any other fans or blowers that may suit your needs. Our product page also lists information on thermal management systems, including applications for spot cooling assemblies, heating, blower assemblies, heat exchangers, rack mount electronics cooling, shipboard & industrial cooling, and liquid cooling systems.

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