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For over 60 years Rotron has maintained its position as an industry leader in providing AC and Brushless DC fans, meeting the most stringent performance and environmental specifications such as shock, vibration, humidity, temperature extremes, salt spray, moisture and EMI, for military and aerospace applications. In situations where an existing design will not meet the customer's requirement, we will work with our customer to determine the specific requirements and evaluate the feasibility of offering a customized solution to satisfy the customer's need.
  • Propeller Fans

    Propeller Fans have sheet metal blades, usually four or more in number, which are curved to provide an aerodynamic lift and are generally arranged without blade overlap (PREMAIRPROP™ blades overlap).

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  • Tubeaxial Fans

    Tubeaxial Fans are integrated axial flow air moving devices in which the motor rotor is cast inside the impeller to achieve the smallest possible axial dimension.

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  • Small Vaneaxial Fans

    Small Vaneaxial Fans are compact, high-speed fans whose airflow is parallel to the motor shaft. The impeller and guide vanes are of airfoil construction for maximum aerodynamic efficiency and minimum acoustical noise.

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  • Large Vaneaxial Fans

    Large Vaneaxial Fans (MAXIAX®) provide relatively high flows against high impedance in a compact axial flow package. They operate at high rotational speeds, typically with 400 Hz motors or internal ECDC brushless motors. MAXIAX® fans are extremely efficient and highly customizable, allowing for precise airflow design.

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