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Tubeaxial Fans

Tubeaxial fans, which are integrated axial flow air moving devices, excel in aerospace and defense applications where space constraints are a critical consideration. Their unique design incorporates the motor rotor directly within the impeller, allowing for the smallest possible axial dimension. This compact configuration makes tubeaxial fans an ideal choice for installations with limited space availability, such as aircraft and defense systems. Despite their reduced size, these fans retain their exceptional airflow capabilities, effectively ventilating and cooling avionics bays, electronic enclosures, engine compartments, and other vital areas. By combining compactness with powerful performance, tubeaxial fans contribute significantly to maintaining optimal operating conditions and safeguarding the reliability and longevity of crucial aerospace and defense equipment.

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 AMETEK Rotron Spartan fan for aerospace and defense  Spartan
   Spartan 2
   1/2 Propimax 2
   Propimax 2
   Propimax 3 & 3B
   MIL-901 T
   MIL-901 XP