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Catalog Section

Welcome To AMETEK Rotron's Digital Library. This page contains links to Product Family PDF sections of our Product Catalog. These downloads are meant to provide a general reference. For specific details of a particular product configuration, or to narrow down the available fan options for a given operating point, please click here to go to our product search engine.
  • Fans

    For over 60 years Rotron has maintained its position as an industry leader in providing AC and Brushless DC fans, meeting the most stringent performance and environmental specifications such as shock, vibration, humidity, temperature extremes, salt spray, moisture and EMI, for military and aerospace applications.

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  • Thermal Management Systems

    AMETEK Rotron has been a supplier of air moving and cooling systems since 1983. Since 2003, the expertise has been expanded to include a diverse collection of Vapor Cycle Environmental Control Systems for commercial as well as military applications. The AMETEK Rotron systems are used on various airborne, shipboard, military vehicle and land based applications.

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  • Accessories and Supplemental Information

    AMETEK Rotron has many accessories available that can be added on to some of our products. The supplemental information includes wiring hookup diagrams and a glossary.

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