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Power Options

Air Movers are available with a wide assortment of motor drives to enable fan or blower operation with nearly any type of input power configuration.

  • AC Induction Motors
    • Single and three phase motors are available in nearly any voltage
    • 115, 200-240, 440-480 VAC are the most common
  • ECDC Brushless DC Motors
    • Electronically commutated permanent magnet DC motors
    • Voltages are available to suit
    • 12, 24-28, 48, 270 VDC are the most common
  • Power Conversion Electronics for AC Induction Motors
    • DC to AC Inverters
      • Operate a single or multiple AC motor fan system on DC power.
    • AC to AC frequency converters
      • Power high performance high frequency motors where only low frequency power is available
      • Power constant frequency motors where only variable or wild frequency is available